This listing includes everything you will need to make your own chocolate/ sweet bouquet, just add the chocolate!! It Can also be used for artificial Flowers, gifts etc. 
I have not included any instructions as there are many different ways to assemble a chocolate bouquet. If you do need instructions you can find many videos on youtube showing you how to make them.
You will also need a glue gun to stick the oasis to the bottom of the bouquet box (it is easier to put the oasis in before closing the last flap up on the bouquet box. if you try to put it in after you have fully assembled the box you will find it too big for the whole at the top).   

Chocolate bouquet kit includes:

1x Baby Pink bouquet box (flat packed)

2x white 50mm Pull bows (1 for box, 1 for wrapping)

x1 Square block of oasis 

x2 Metres Frosted pink cellophane (for inside bouquet)

x2 Metres pink dot cellophane (for inside bouquet)

x2 Metres Clear cellophane (for wrapping up)

x3 metres pink curling ribbon

x3 metres white curling ribbon

x25 sticks to glue/stick chocolates/sweets on


I have many different colour sets available some cellophanes are a different pattern (Checked, swirl instead of spots)  including




Baby Blue





Fuchsia Pink

Olive Green






If you want a bigger/different colour bow, different colour cellophane and different colour please message me

Make your own chocolate bouquet kit baby pink

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